Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ahh, blogging

Seems I never posted my other (only 2) blogs...simply sat as unpublished drafts in some overlooked tab in firefox.  I get in s*#t by my significant other when he opens my computer to see 20+ tabs open in my browser.  What?!? That's, like, what they're for, Man!

I'm feeling that the blog idea may be an overly ambitious one, given my time split between home, work, Hank and travel.

Speaking of which, when I returned 'home' - to Canada - it didn't feel as such. I guess home is where the heart is, and I gotta say that's with my new family (including the dog) along with the ghosts of Stirling...for now.  I spoke about this with a friend here, and she pointed me to her blog brinabird.blogspot.com.  My thoughts exactly!

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